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When: 30, Aug 2012 at 11:49
Where: Putian, Chengxiang district, Putian

Imagine growing up, literally, in a Ralph Lauren world, a gilded atmosphere ralph lauren hoodies of hushed sophistication, pitch-perfect elegance, and so much saddle leather and cashmere. Dylan Lauren, the cheap polo shirts designer's youngest child and only daughter, was raised in this environment, where everything in all those houses was like a movie set - from the 1920s, '30s, '40s, take your pick - and just so, beyond perfect, as if in a photograph. Would she get in trouble if anything was moved out of place? "I'm very messy, and my room was a mess," said Lauren, founder of Dylan's Candy Bar, a 10,000-square-foot confectionery palace in Manhattan, and three smaller shops in Houston, Orlando, Fla., and Long Island, selling 5,000 kinds of sweets, including nostalgic brands (Charleston Chews, Skybars) and dentist-attracting gift baskets, some priced as high as $400. "As a teenager, I decorated my room with all these bright colors, and the apartment is solid white. My favorite color is turquoise," she said, confessing to aesthetic rebellion on a massive scale Cheap polo shirts - not quite polyester, but close. "And my father only likes turquoise as a small accent." Equally alarming is that she has little interest in clothing, though on this day, like so many others, she is swathed in Lauren, being cheap ralph lauren shirts a kid ralph lauren polo in the proverbial Polo cashmere store. Lauren, 30, visited Philadelphia recently to promote her stores and Web site in conjunction with Halloween, which, despite her immersion in the sweet world, "is not my favorite holiday." Viewing candy Polo Ralph Lauren as a visual as much as a gastronomic treat, the former event planner prefers Christmas and the dazzling spring bouquet of Easter. In another stunning announcement, she also admitted being "not that into chocolate." Her preference is for licorice. The four-year-old Dylan's Candy Bar, polo shirts for men at 60th Street and Third Avenue, is the polar opposite - or, in this case, Polo opposite - of Ralph Lauren polo shirts her father's wood-paneled baronial flagship store less than a mile away in polo shirts for women the former Rhinelander Mansion. Dylan's Candy Bar is a jarring concoction of loud colors, dizzying graphics, noise and emphatic fun, peppermint-candy stools, and translucent steps studded with Swedish Fish and polo ralph lauren all things gummy. Her father, she admits, was ralph lauren jacketsput off by all the color, "but then we won all these design awards," Lauren said. "He gets my vision."
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