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hundred thousand dollars Do the brand The North Face Nuptse Goose Down Jacket , store investment, ranging from several hundred thousand dollars; only counter investment, not a mall turnover of pressure, 10 million. Inside the mall, shopping malls in addition to the timely results shall fear, worry about shopping for soliciting, forced Canada Goose Yorkville Parka Navy GC30003 to counter every few days to engage in promotional activities, the mall will not have to worry about failure. Individual in the construction of shopping malls, false propaganda, saying that presence of large supermarket chains, McDonald's, KFC entered, and so deceive the clothing business contract. After opening, any international big supermarket Canada Goose Yorkville Parka Red Down Coat CG30002 chains, catering institutions, ghost are gone, the whole mall deserted. All businesses have followed the fall clothing. Not a few months, the mall investors face-lift, to investment, businesses and other clothing fought to come. Town of Dongguan, Shenzhen, close off two years ago to engage in a new shopping centers, recruited dozens of a second and third line of clothing Canada Goose Mens Chilliwack Bomber Graphite CG01003 brand presence. Investment, when I assert that this mall less than a year will be drained. The town is mainly an industrial area on consumption, while the brand consumers want to buy clothes, basically choose to Shenzhen city, the mall location is too high, not down strange. My friends fat boy inside the mall to do a cast of Canada Goose Mens Chilliwack Bomber MidGrey CG01004 10 million women's brand counters, and finally only took out $ 30,000 in goods, decoration of money, join money, the whole loss, and to the mall and the entrance fee deposit have not taken a single cent back. Shopping malls are uncertainties, there's more problems with the brand. However, the inspection company, you have any questions, answer other packages you satisfied. "There is the replacement rate, right?" - Have. At that time, goods walk, run out of replacement rates, the company dumped a "no reason, a certain store counters go good" The North Face Nuptse Goose Down Jacket to stall in the past.SRF
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