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suppliesuggs | 2010-07-06 02:21:00
Oh busy day busy, busy, busy disoriented, but for a subordinate sent me an SMS, I do not know today was actually in any event is most exciting Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day, which is what a sweet and romantic day. In the sky, Legend of Love 鹊桥 meet, Qingyimianmian; in humans, the number of Guys and Dolls, either rendezvous at a secluded riverside grassland or forest deep, or is similar to the karaoke bar or a mysterious coffee shop, wait senselessly drifted, Rujiaosiqi, which is truly revel in the Huan-ai among the opposite sex.

I alone drink, desolately 惨惨, unaccompanied.

I walk alone, staggering along, I wonder if going?

me alone Fang Ge, sound if Huang Zhong, sounds like Luan-Feng, Miya who his ears!
ed hardy clothing
I hand Jizhi bright roses, but I do not know to whom they are dedicated? I filled mellow wine, but I do not know with whom were toast? I am eagerly looking at the intimate lovers pairs, but belong to my lover I do not know which one?

mandarin ducks playing in the water of deep affection, love of beauty since ancient times, a hero. Rousseau and Mrs. Warren, Napoleon and Josephine, Marx and Jenny, Wu Sangui and Chen Yuanyuan, Chamber of Bliss, Xu and Lu Xiaoman, Zhang and Miss Zhao Si, the number of romantic sentiment is Tan Xian , how many moving stories circulated widely.

in this lonely Valentine's Day, the room is a lonely myself, out of the window is a lonely month and a half tablets.

in this lonely Valentine's Day, the sky is the sparse How many pieces of the star, on the ground for me and his own shadow.

trouble in this Valentine's Day, everything go all things are not new, scenery all have plain, roses children Wangzi open, for whom the horizon moon hanging!

At this moment, my ear as if the songs sounded Meng Tingwei Ruqirusu: No Valentine's Valentine's Day, how many have the feeling of desolation ......< br>
yes ah , there is no lover's Valentine's Day, there is always a bit looking forward to, a bit to find, a bit frustrated.

yes ah, no lover's Valentine's Day, there is always a bit bitter, a bit look forward to, a bit helpless.

no Valentine's Valentine's Day, there is no story, no adventure, only sentimental tears in silence.

[Editor: listen to the rain] to see the author's space?
in March, the moist air gradually, and the flowers start blooming charming smile, they are dormant throughout the winter, it seems is to wait for this March, fragrant waves in a one, a smiling face on a warm, slow slow to diffuse to open to ... ... of urban space is too small, we have temporarily abandoned the city line to the gray days of the past invariably buried in the arrival of Yangchun in March when the rock entered the Tianzhu vanilla world.

cherry blossoms, azaleas, flowers smile ... smile ... these beautiful flowers to stand on-street waiting for us to accompany them beside the cedar, red maple and red and green ... ... to an enviable! Jealous of the sun, the lazy, mean, brilliant at that point increase in the tender and beautiful flowers, hiding in the clouds to sleep, azure blue sky, white clouds leisurely walk between heaven and earth, the wind blowing slightly through the years of the door, inspection in March in the spring. We forget Muqiu full cup sadness, indulging in Tianzhu rock open mind in the world obsessed with vanilla soft and quiet comfort, you will feel extremely comfortable!

rain started swirling when the spring breeze blowing over the face, damp, sticky, and warm, and sweet, "the face is not blowing cold Wind in the Willows," good, gentle and mild to disperse the long-cold front, this is pushing up the small grass-green, this is pushing up the flowers red, this is pushing up the birds to sing. Spring nice, really want to chase that wind, rain, kept trained on Mu, a happy ed hardy kids ending in the spring to catch up with the arms touch the jump. Rain sometimes big, sometimes small, fast time to time in our footsteps slowly, the shuttle in Tianzhu rock charming scenery, from the Millennium Temple Tianzhu Temple to the cherry blossom forest, from the Skywalk to the race course, from the slope to the observation deck hero , from the days Lake to Windsor Castle, along the way, visitors sparse, flowers, Pathfinder, picking fruit, arbitrary, free, and unfettered, indulge and enjoy spring brings affection, friendship, love, his face filled with joy.

rain Piaopo, we just went to coffee shop, unfortunately this time there is no place of business, we have a little convergence galloping heart, casually sitting on the edge of that table. Table is very special, all the operators from civil collected millstone, simple, elegant, and the construction of a new coffee shop exist side by side, both modern and ancient, they do do not have some flavor. Heavy rain enveloped Tianzhushan up distant Atlas pillars have been blurred, hard to tell where is the day, Where is the column, perhaps they are inherently a whole, right? Brilliant cherry, passion rhododendron, they are not angry up, put a smiling face away. Their eyes slowly to recover, the fall in front of Tianchi shop on bit by bit fall into the lake, the scenery greeted as Su Shi wrote: Shuiguang prettily and Yan-Qing Fang is good, Meng Yu is also the empty mountains Qi. For the West than the West Lake, the total wiping thick affordable makeup. Compared to West Lake, Heavenly Lake may be much smaller, but the immediate landscape, it should be no less than prestigious West Lake bar. The lake, the cheerful fish jumping, jumping, being held in a "big splash" in Sheng Competition will be, that lively dancing, graceful gestures and from time to time stirred up a warm cheers.

3322 visitors sitting, standing, rest, chat, and some are not satisfied with the way the scenery, they began to use digital cameras, greedy and take away all the collections; some stone on these folk from time to time made a few comments; some leaning on floor bar edge Jimuyuantiao search for more beautiful scenery.

return, the sky still fluttering Sasa a light rain, but it can not stop us from endless travel was unable to stop we continue to look for Tianzhushan aromatic. In such a rainy spring day, the mountains in the rain misty one, misty misty transitory man, lakes and mountains form a contrast, scenery Qili, somewhat elegant, somewhat tranquil, a bit quiet, do not have some exotic and cozy beauty.

hikers of the season, came in March when Yangchun secretly lazy, relax, to Tianzhu rock herbs in the world to the bar, to the warmth, mysterious, and the ed hardy environment through the whole world bright of the spring, feeling the spring riot of color bar!

[Editor: Shuang-Ling Xin Yi] to see the author's space?

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