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A traditional print book usually contains text comprised of written characters, scenes and plots or it encompasses instructional data, biographic material or factual documentation.
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An audio book transfers the written script to digital format, which is often enhanced by award winning sound tracks and professional dialogue providers.

Traditional printed text has always provided an outlet for entertainment, knowledge acquisition and personal growth. North Face Store Audio books provide all that and more.

Although audio books (also formerly known as books on tape) are not a new concept, the recent technological advances with digital imagery have made audio books accessible.
North Face Clothing People with busy lifestyles are tuning in to the many advantages of audio reading modules and are discovering that they can still keep up with literary content while going about the mundane, tedious tasks of everyday life.

Available on cassette tape, CD or in digital format, audio books offer more versatility than traditionally written texts because of their portability, and more recently, their affordability. North Face Realization With audio books, storage is not as cumbersome as with printed versions because the data is preserved digitally and whole volumes can be carried around in a shirt pocket or small purse.

As a teaching tool, audio books are joining mainstream curricular modules because of their ability to shorten the learning gap for students who have traditionally had trouble with interpreting the written word. The North Face down Jackets By providing audio enhanced, sensory tools for learning, many teachers find that, although a great deal of their students can adopt and retain written information, there is a certain segment of the student body who benefit more readily when they can hear, rather than read, instructions, literary works and factual presentations.

Although not suited for all students, especially those who rely heavily on visual or tactile methods of learning, audio books do, nevertheless, provide a more relative learning environment for students who face language, sight or interpretation barriers. men